Saturday, 10 October 2015

Best of France


"Adopt the French attitude"

"French Wink is the 1st American platfrom dedicated to support, import and gather French Creative Brands in the US in Art, Craft and Fashion."

I started to take pictures in its stand, i was delighted by the beutiful creations they have brought there, beautiful jumpers and sweaters, socks, pictures, necklaces, bracelet. Also, bags by Maison du Linge, with its lovely design and fabric.

- Claire Obry, co-founder & President of French Wink, corp. Check out the webpage: email: Call at: +19917-514-4187
Also check out Masion du Linge at


Claire Obry and Emilie Chassagne, co-founders of French Wink, Corp.


"4 hauteurs, une multitude de possibilités"

These are versatile and multifacetic shoes. Really confortable indeed and practical! Frist, you choose the kind of shoe you wannt amonf the different styles and shapes, mocasins, bailarinas, Oxford, etc.. Infinite varieties of shoes and way more varieties of heles you can clip and un-clip to your heel. After choosing the model you want from Tanya´s quality shoes, you can buy different heles and make as much combinations as you want having a confortable and unique shoe that looks tailor-made for you!
You won´t get bored of your Tanya Heath´s chaussures, with multiple possibilities for everyday!

For example, this Oxford shoe, with pink heel during the day and Golden heel for the night!

She is a great designer, based in Paris, concretly you can find her boutique at 22 Rue du Dragon, 75006 Paris, from 10h to 19h, or call at +0983804327. Her webpage is: FB: talontuese and email:



These are the well-known striped shirts that you may have seen Jean Paul Gaultier usually wearing. You can find different colours besides the most common one, the navy blue. Also, black, pink or red among others. these shirts fit perfectly with jeans, specially during summer season! Simple to wear, following the french saying, the simpler, the better!



Regarding the food, France is one of the best countries for its quality food! Famous and recognised as top cuisisne around the world, we could try it on the different stand of the exhibition!
Dry-cured duck prosciutto & mesclun salad. Nutmeg bread crumbs. Succulent and intense flavour!


 France´s  leading cheese company, we could try the Istara, P´tit Basque type of cheese and Brie, my favourite one! There was also an sculpture dedicated to the Brand made with butter. The World Guiness Record title for largest butter sculpture.


One of Paris best bakeries with franchises all over the world, had its stand full of people buying croissants, bread and more french delicatesen!

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