Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Must in your closet by ZAFUL

Here is my wishlist on the wonderful online store Zaful:

Zaful is the Brand that everygirl needs in her life! If you want to buy clothing, jewlery, accessories, shoes, swimwear, everything you wish to own in your closet is available at:  http://www.zaful.com/?lkid=125997

First, let´s start the outfit with a unique white shirt as the top, Belted Off Shoulder Blouse. You can decide to wear it under your shoulder like in the picture, which I personally think it is more glamorous, or to wear it above your shoulder.


In this outfit the classical and elegant color and cut of the shirt matches with the more casual look of the black skinny leg pants. It is a perfect combination for a cool evening with friends and to enjoy on a night walk in Barcelona. 


Moreover, a classy and sophisticated touch to the outfit is done by the inclusion of black shoes with stiletto style!


In order to match the pants and the shirt, I also would complement it with beautiful accessories. Like, for instance, a Faux Turquoise Triangle Cuff Bracelet and Rhinestone Earrings in White and silver.

You can have a complete outfit and more similar ones for only $40!

Also, now it’s Romper season. Click for Best ideas of floral rompers. Get yourself a new romper this summer!

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